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Java, Java-Script and Flash

Since java-applets are one of my strenghts, but many people not even know what applets are - or worse, they think java is the same as java-script - I will try to explain what applets are:

Applets are (usually small) programs that are written in the programming-language java. They differ from "normal" java-applications in two points:

  • they can be implemented into websites (like e. g. a flash-movie)
  • because of security-issues, applets are restricted, e. g. they can't write files.
To be able to run java-applets, something like a plug-in is needed (as in flash) - usually every browser has it built in by default.

What can one do with those applets? Basically everything, including complex, moving graphical effects. Many tasks can be realized both with flash and java, here is a brief comparison:
  • java is more complicated than flash - a way of complication, however, that I prefer
  • java-files are usually smaller, but flash-movies balance that with shorter waiting-times for the initialisation of the plugin.
  • in some areas, java has more performance -> more complex effects
  • flash is more efficient concerning vector-graphics
  • some projects are not suited for java - the realisation would be too time-consuming
  • java is very wide - it supports network-access, database-access etc
  • transparence- and anti-aliasing-effects are not supported in the (still used) old java-plug-ins, so they should not be used yet (or should be implemented using your own algorithms and functions)

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