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2007-12-02: Wellington - Turangi

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Thumbnail My favourite photo
Although it shows no forest, no cave, no smoking mud-pool or volcanoe, this in fact really is my favourite photo our of some thousands. Really, yes. I love the blut, the colours, the interaction between the post (?) and the plants.
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Thumbnail Approaching destination...
...the volcanoes come into sight! The small one to the left is the Ngaurohe, I think. The fat one on the right has to be Mr. Ruapehu. Both of them acted as Mt. Doom in "Lord of the Rings", I think. I want to visit the summits of both next year. :)
Thumbnail Typical
Now this is what I call typical New Zealand: Loads of fences, grassy hills with some scattered trees and sheep.
Thumbnail Ngaurohe
That's him: That day we saw the peak and we planned climbing the thing the next day. However, the wheater was not that good so we sticked to the "normal" Tongariro Crossing without Ngaurohe. :( Well, to see it a bit positive, we now have something left to do next year. :)
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