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Websolution 3.5

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Some Screenshots:

Thumbnail Prinzip
Das Grundprinzip von Websolution: Eine Seite kann u. a. Links beinhalten, welche Aktionen auslösen, welche wiederum Seiten öffnen können. Der Kreis schließt sich, die Darstellung von beliebig komplexen Hierarchien wird möglich.
Thumbnail WYSIWYG-HTML-Editor
This built-in-editor allows you to create HTML-code including colors, styles, links, tables, lists etc. without knowing any HTML.
Thumbnail Website-mode
The website-mode allows to manipulate menues, links and content directly on the website. Except for the edit-buttons, it looks like the normal website.
Thumbnail Image selection
This pop-up-window allows to select images and thumbnails quickly.
Thumbnail Editing Links
Activate and deactivate links, add thumbnails, change the text (like the one you are reading right now) and much more...
Thumbnail Counter
A detailed counter allows you to determine how many clicks each link has - in total or per day - and much more.
Thumbnail Sitemap
An automatically generated sitemap allows easy maintenance, but can as well be included into the website itself.
Thumbnail Tree-View
This tree-view displays the entire structure of the website - including all menues, links and content. The edit-buttons allow to manipulate each item directly.
Thumbnail Logo
The logo of the 3.5-version of websolution.

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grafisches Design-Element
grafisches Design-Element