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Früher habe ich recht viel gezeichnet und mich auch öfter mal mit 3D-Software beschäftigt. Aber auch einige Fotos und Design-Entwürfe sind in dieses "Archiv" von alten Sachen reingerutscht. Teilweise eh recht peinlich. Aber sei's drum...
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Ich habe heute einen Saunaausflug nach Meersburg geschwänzt und nutze die Zeit nun, um meine eingestaubte Webseite wieder ein wenig upzudaten. Großteil handelt es sich hier um Bilder die am Rechner mit Photoshop und Grafiktablett entstanden sind, manche davon sind auch schon etwas älter...
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This is some quite old stuff, but still much newer than the other things below. As in "Effects, Games, Tools" most of this stuff is from a time where time was not money. The image on the left shows an aircraft that I created in my mind many years ago. I still fly it from time to time - in my mind, that is.
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Most photos have been taken with my Sony DSC F505 V. A nice camera, though there are newer models of the same "family" in the mean time. I am thinking about a digital mirror-reflex-camera with exchangable objective. But those things do still cost a decent amount of money.
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I love this 3D-stuff and sometimes I think I should do this professionally. But now I am 25 years old and I am a hybrid-designer-programmer and it might not be a good idea to change the job now. But still....oh never mind that now... The software used is Lightwave 3D and/or POVRay. The latter is a free software.
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Well that's some experimental stuff I created mostly in Photoshop. Usually the typical clients wants rather normal and/or boring stuff (which I understand, usually). I'd be really happy if some day a client came telling me he wants a website that eats the users mouse-pointer and stuff like that. :)
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In former time I did a lot of manga/anime-drawing with pencil, watercolors and paper. Nowadays, if I find the time, that is, I use my trusty Wacom graphics tablet and Photoshop/Illustrator. Sometimes when I sketck on actual paper I find myself looking for the Undo-Button. Is that a bad thing?
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In here is different stuff. Sometimes the results of lots of filters put above each other. The image to the left is called "baby planet" and is quite nice for my taste. Check out the big version "inside"!

grafisches Design-Element
grafisches Design-Element