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There was a time I had plenty of time for making things that I did not get money for. That was a time when programming applets was my main hobby. Sometimes I look at them things and wonder how it did it... :) My current projects sure are more complicated, but hell, they don't look that good and are not so fun to play with.
Thumbnail Games
In that time (mentioned above) I also wrote a couple of games, some of them with highscores. Do not take the highscores too seriously please, for I do not take the time to maintain them. Sometimes people even write programs or build devices that cheat the games...
Thumbnail Tools, other Software
Here You find some tools that actually have some purpose. ;) The most important one for me is "websolution", a sofrtware I use in many websites of my clients to give them the ability to update their sites themselves.

grafisches Design-Element
grafisches Design-Element