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2007-11-20, Tuesday: Arrival in Singapore

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Thumbnail Lush vegetation
This was sort of an appetizer for the type of vegetation that I expected in New Zealand: Things growing on other things. I was already impressed. :)
Thumbnail Plastic food
It alwasy makes me smile to see such lovingly prepared, inedible plastic-food, that show's the potential customer what he may expect in the restaurant.
Thumbnail Ice Tea
However, we went to another place. On the right you see the "ice tea" that Tsuki ordered: Normal green tea with ice cubes. Not really what she expected. :) And concerning my diet coke: Of course I did NOT order this stuff, there have simply been communication-difficulties. ;)
Thumbnail Christmas on the equator
It was always hot and humid, a strange environment for the christmas-decorations in the street...

grafisches Design-Element
grafisches Design-Element