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This applet lets you "drive" a very special verhicle: You can use a grappling-hook to pull the car up walls and "climb". In the new version you can even dive and swim into water!
Thumbnail Vehicle 2 fast
If you own a fast computer (2 GHz or more), this version might run too fast. If it runs too slow, try the "small"-version instead!
Thumbnail Vehicle 2 slow
This version should work fine on a fast computer. (around 2 GHz or more)
Thumbnail Vehicle 2 small
Use this version if You have a rather slow computer and even the "slow"-version is too slow. :)
Thumbnail Level from Nikki
This beautiful map has been submitted by Nikki (Homepage).
Levels from Nathan

Here are some levels that have been created by Nathan Walton. Thanks!
How to make your own level

Old version

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Thumbnail Level 4 (big)
Try this only if you have a very fast computer (2 GHz or more) and a big screen/high resolution!
Thumbnail Somebody having trouble...
...with the vehicle-applet! I just got a mail from a frustrated player that gave me a good laugh. :) [German]

grafisches Design-Element
grafisches Design-Element