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Handwritten 2.0

What is Handwritten 2.0?
Handwritten 2.0 allows you to send handwritten mails. It records the motion of your mouse while you draw/write something. You can enter your name and an email-address. If you press "send", your drawing will be stored in a database and a mail is sent to the email-address you specified. The email contains a link to an applet that will draw your drawing line by line.

How do I use it?
If the applet is loaded (which may take some time), you can draw into the yellow area by holding down your mouse-button and dragging your mouse. If you want to undo a stroke, press "undo", if you want to clear everything press "clear". If you cleared the drawing by accident, you may press "undo" as well. Press "play" to see how the drawing will be drawn when the recipient opens the link in the mail. You can cancel the playback with a mouse-click. In "your name", you have to your name or nickname, in "mail to" you can specify the email-address the drawing will be sent to. You can enter multiple addresses if you separate them with a comma (,). if your drawing is ready and you entered both your name and the email-address, you can finally send your drawing using the "send"-button. After doing so, you can still enter a different email-address and send the drawing again.

What is new in Handwritten 2.0?
It looks almost exactly like version 1.0, but it is faster and needs less cpu-usage. The code has been optimized and some minor bugs have been removed.

How does it work?
The motions of the mouse are recorded and stored into an array. This array is sent to a PHP-File that stores it into a MySQL-database and sends the mail with the link. This link opens another PHP-File that reads the array from the database and generates the applet-tag with its parameters. An average message needs about 10 KByte of disk-space. The applet generates quite some traffic - if it goes on like this I will have to extend the 2 GB limit of my provider.

Where can I find more stuff like this?
On www.eigelb.at. Check out the special-effects-section for e. g. "specialities/encryption" and "animated letters".

Can I buy it?
Yes you can. We offer single or full licences and can of course implement new features if you want us to.

Changes in Handwritten 2.1

This is the newest version of the applet: You can choose a brush out of 6, you can pick any color you like and you can even change the background-color. Also, some improvments to the loading-speed have been made.